Appointments Preferred

Jun 30 2017

To ease wait times and cause less stress on you & your pets, we transitioned to appointments for seeing clients.

Canine Influenza Virus

Jun 16 2017

You may have heard about Canine Influenza virus in our area. While most dogs are not at risk, we want all dogs to be protected and beginning Monday, June 19th we will offer the Canine Influenza Vaccine.

Itchy Pets? Can Pets Have Allergies?

May 09 2017

Occasional itching in pets is common – especially with dogs. Frequent, recurring itching may be a sign of skin disease or pet allergies and can cause your pet hair loss or skin damage. Plus, it can be an annoyance to you, even keeping you up at night. If not addressed early, your pets may have a hard time battling this skin issue and it can be harder to treat and control pet allergies.