Veterinary Technicians

Our veterinary technicians are the watchful eyes and discerning ears, assisting the doctors and catching the details that help diagnose and treat problems. Vet technicians obtain and record patient case histories, collect specimens and perform laboratory procedures, prepare animals, instruments, and equipment for surgery, assist in diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures, develop radiographs (x-rays), perform dental cleanings and so much more


Amanda Calhoun
Haley Kelley
Brittany McCready
Rebecca Moore
Samantha Russ
Laiken Russell
Carla Williams
Crystal Brown



Kennel Technicians

Our hard-working kennel staff walk dogs, clean kennel cages, feed and care for the boarded pets, give baths and help with nail trims and of course give tons of attention and love.

Christopher Bader
Jamous Bray
Maci Dycus


Client Care

The smiling faces that greet you and the friendly voices you hear on the phone! Our Client Care receptionists answer your questions, address your concerns, assist you with product purchases and more often than not have a patient or boarding guest in their laps!


Ashley Owens
Sandra Womack