Dr. Patrick Murray

Dr. Patrick Murray has been with Melton Veterinary Hospital since 2009, known not only for his gentle care with animals, but for his singing skills which he shares with all who have ears to hear. He earned his DVM from LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and is active in new research of the veterinary industry. With his many years in the veterinary field, he welcomes the joy that animals bring and the limitless possibilities that he and other veterinarians have. He also loves the staff and the diverse things that every Melton Veterinary Hospital team member sees and does.

He is the proud "pet dad" of four dogs—one of which was adopted from the Morehouse Humane Society—and three cats. His adopted terrier mix spends a great deal of her time at the animal hospital and has become such a common sight around the office that clients call her the office mascot.